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Honest quality ingredients for pure luxury skincare

Plant Based Ingredients


We are obsessed with creating real natural products. Skin care made with plant based oils, butters, scents, distilled water, natural clays, powders and other naturally occurring ingredients to create our products

Vegan Friendly Products


We do not use animal fats (tallow) or milks to produce our products. We use plant based oils and plant based milks instead.

No Additives


We do not use gums in our body wash, Sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) detergent in our bath bombs, or any other chemical or manufactured ingredients in our precious products.

Safe for the Whole Family


Our products are made from the highest quality and natural ingredients found in the world. The safety of our products is of the utmost concern. Each Carmel Soap product is safe for all members of the family, even your precious pet!

Natural Colors and Scents


We use essential oils to scent our products. We do not use fragrance oils, extracts or other cheapened fragrance. We use clays to color our products. We avoid any ingredient that is not plant based or naturally occurring to ensure continued safety and integrity. 

No compromises


We do not use other companies soaps, bases, or other products. All of our products are handmade in our San Antonio workshop from scratch, so we know exactly what is in our products.